Saturday, 28 April 2012

Excelsior.Scala Ballet. 2002.

Watch Excelsior Here:

One of the more unusual stage works of the 19th century, Excelsior tells of great scientific
breakthroughs such as the steam engine, the Suez canal and the telegraph.
Despite its seemingly dreary subject matter it was a huge success when first performed in 1881,
and enjoyed a run of 103 performances during that year alone.

This production from 2002 at the Teatro alla Scala brings a riot of colour to Manzotti's work.
With 100 dancers on stage at a time, references to the golden MGM film era and Busby Berkeley-style dancing,
it is guaranteed to intrigue and charm!

Recorded live from the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milan, 2002.

Light – Marta Romagna
Obscurantism – Riccardo Massimi
Civilisation – Isabel Seabra
Slave – Roberto Bolle
Thunderbolt – Raffaella Benaglia
Indian – Elisabetta Armiato

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