Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nutcracker: The Story of Clara. Australian Ballet. 1994.

Watch The Story of Clara Here:

Nutcracker – The Story of Clara takes audiences
deeper into Clara’s story and celebrates the strong
ties between Russian and Australian ballet. This
Nutcracker is set on a sweltering Melbourne
Christmas Eve in the late 1950s. Clara is a frail former
ballerina, reliving her rich and eventful life in one night
of feverish dreams. Clara’s journey echoes that of
many Ballets Russes dancers who toured Australia in
the late 1930s, enamouring audiences and helping
establish the art form in this country. Many of these
dancers would stay here for the rest of their lives.
Graeme Murphy illustrates this passage of time by
showing Clara at three stages in her life.
Based on the music of Tchaikovsky, but very Australianised
version. It will not be like any production of  "THe Nutcracker"
you may have seen before.
The Australian Ballet Company mounted this loose adaptation of
Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker in 1994.
In lieu of the traditional narrative associated with that ballet,
 this version relays the historical tale of a Russian ballerina
named Clara (played by three performers - Vicki Attard,
Margaret Scott and Siobhan Elsmann) who journeys to Australia
in the 1940s. Additional dancers in the company include
Steven Heathcote and David McAllister. Graeme Murphy choreographs;
the Orchestra Victoria (originally called The State Orchestra of Victoria)

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