Monday, 28 May 2012

Coppelia. Australian Ballet. 1990.

Watch The Performance Here:

This delightful ballet tells the story of Dr Coppelius, an eccentric toymaker,
who attempts to bring life to his beautiful doll Coppélia.
He is foiled by the mischievous Swanilda, who masquerades as Coppélia and saves her love, Franz,
from the Doctor’s magic. Recorded live at Sydney Opera House, this acclaimed production by Dame Peggy van Praagh,
the founding Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet, is a triumph.
Brilliantly directed by George Ogilvie, Coppélia captures the imagination with its dramatic edge and visual charm.
Colin Peasley
Greg Horsman
Elizabeth Toohey
Lisa Bolte
Lisa Pavane


  1. It's time for a Coppelia marathon soon! :D

    1. HA HA :-) Well I hope you enjoy your Coppelia marathon, I would have had a couple more versions of it to share but they got blocked, have a great evening and wonderful week :-)