Wednesday, 9 May 2012

La Sylphide. POB. 2004.

Watch The Performance Here:

Aurelie Dupont, Mattieu Ganio, and Melanie Hurel perform in this Opera national de Paris production of
the 1972 reconstruction of the ballet with music by Schneitzhoeffer choreographed by Pierre Lacotte,
with Ermanno Florio conducting.
Performed at the Palais Garnier by the Opéra National de Paris in July 2004,
this staging of Philippe Taglioni's classic ballet stars leading ballerina Aurélie Dupont in the title role of
Sylphide, which was once played by Marie Taglione, the choreographer's daughter.
This revival performance is actually a reconstruction of Pierre Lacotte's well-known 1972 version.
In expressing Lacotte's (and Taglioni's) original choreography,
Dupont and her male partner Mathieu Ganio recreate the style that defined the romantic ballet.
La Sylphide: Aurelie Dupont
James:  Mathieu Ganio
Effie:  Melanie Hurel
Effies Mutter: Virginie Rousseliere
Die Hexe: Jean-Marie Didiere
Gurn:  Emmanuel Hoff
Pas de deux des Ecossais: Isabelle Ciaravola & Gil Isoart
Le Corps de Ballet de l'Opera National de Paris
Orchestre de l'Opera National de Paris

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