Saturday, 26 May 2012

Romeo and Juliet: POB. 1995.

Watch The Performance Here:

The combination of Prokofiev's masterful score with Rudolf Nureyev's choreography for the ballet company of the Paris Opera
could hardly make this ‘Romeo and Juliet’ anything but a success.
However, as it's Nureyev who does the staging, God is in the detail,
and while the sheer exuberance of Manuel Legris (Romeo) and Monique Loudieres (Juliet)
in the leading roles is undeniable, it's the little things that count,
such as Romeo's shyness as he shuffles from one foot to another in the presence of the object
 of his affections Tybalt is danced by Charles Jude and Mercutio by Lionel Delanoe .
The production is visually stunning, and the sound is outstanding to match the wonderful
Paris Opera Orchestra under the baton of Vello Pahn who feel utterly inside the score,
especially the love music. Recorded live at the Paris Opera in 1995.

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