Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Sleeping Beauty: Kirov Ballet. 1989.

Watch The Performance Here:

It may be a truism to say that Russians interpret Russian music best,
but based on this stunning Kirov Ballet performance taped during its 1989 Canadian tour,
it's excitingly and exhilaratingly accurate.
Tchaikovsky's ballet is brought to vividly atmospheric life by the company who may dance
him better than any other company, even the rival Bolshoi, especially in this production by
master Kirov choreographer Marius Petipa (revised by his successor, Konstantin Sergeyev).
From the principal dancers (Larissa Lezhnina is simply fabulous as Princess Aurora,
and her partner, Farukh Ruzimatov, is her equal as Prince Désiré) to the last member of the ensemble,
the grace and mastery of this world-class company is in evidence from the opening Marche to the closing duet.
Simon Virsaladze's tastefully opulent sets and costumes contribute strongly,
as does Viktor Fedotov's conducting and the Kirov Orchestra's playing of one of ballet's most attractive scores.
 --Kevin Filipski
Princess Aurora:Lezhnina, Larissa
Prince Desire:  Ruzimatov, Farukh
Carabosse: Guliayev, Vadim
Lilac Fairy: Makhalina, Yulia
The King: Babanin, Gennady
The Queen: Mikhailova, Nina

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