Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ondine. RB. 2009.

Watch Ondine Here:

Miyako Yoshida dances the title role originally created for Margot Fonteyn in
the hauntingly beautiful underwater world of Ondine, vividly brought to life by The Royal Ballet.
Frederick Ashton’s shimmering choreography, Lila de Nobili’s impressionistic designs
and Hans Werner Henze’s specially commissioned, vibrant and inventive score,
memorably combine to evoke the many moods and colours of the sea.
Recorded live at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, June 2009.
Ondine: Miyako Yoshida
Palemon: Edward Watson
Berta: Genesia Rosato
Tirrenio: Ricardo Cervera
A Hermit: Gary Avis
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Conductor: Barry Wordsworth
Choreographer: Frederick Ashton


  1. Yet another I haven't seen before, yay! And Thanks for sharing :) I'm starting my summer vacation, so there's plenty of time to watch these lovely works.

    1. No need for thanks, your enjoyment is my reward :-) I've just been reading your blog about your Summer plans, sorry to hear about the lack of classes for you, you're not serious about running are you? it can be quite bad for you. Well I hope you have a lovely vacation and I will try and upload some extra performances for you to enjoy :-)

    2. I _know_ that I'll never grow up to be "an enthusiastic runner", but have to try to use the shoes... :D

    3. Well good luck with the running and please be careful :-)